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Iván Pequeño



Es.- Nacido en Madrid, Iván Pequeño es conocido por sus sets de ritmos vocales y contundentes. Con más de 10 años de carrera, se hizo popular como dj residente de la sesión gay LOL, en la emblemática sala Cool de Madrid. Sus dj sets han sido bailados en fiestas tan importantes como»WE Party», «PAPA Party by Eliad Cohen», «Forever Tel Aviv» o «Matinée Pervert», llegando a compartir cabina con artistas como Micky Friedmann, Tomer Maizner o Taito Tikaro. A lo largo de los últimos años ha llevado su música por toda Europa, tocando en Amsterdam, Bélgica, Roma, Nápoles, Londres, Paris, Toulouse, Suiza, Lisboa e incluso Beirut y China.

En.- Born in Madrid (Spain), Iván has always had a strong passion for music. From a very early age he knew his career was to be within the music industry and had a strong preference for making music that made people listen. He quickly became noticed in Madrid and his vibrant energetic style, coupled with his passion for powerful and vocal beats soon earned him a residency in LOL, one of Madrid’s largest nightclubs.

Here he soon began to fill the dancefloor every time he played and developed a strong following. He was then invited to play at clubs across Europe and spent time travelling between, Amsterdam, Belgium, Lisbon, London and Ibiza whilst still maintaining a strong presence in Spain and specially Madrid.
His style instantly brings a nightclub or party venue to life and this has been proven in all of the cities he has played.
– Residency: LOL (Madrid, Spain).
– Powerful, the Main Party @WE Party Pride Festival (Madrid, Spain).
– Forever Tel Aviv @WE Party New Year Festival (Madrid, Spain).
– Residency: LOL (Madrid, Spain).
– The Warehouse (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
– Trumps (Lisbon, Portugal).
– Pervert Matinée (Madrid, Spain).
– PAPA Party by Eliad Cohen @WE Party Pride Festival (Madrid, Spain).
– Gay Pride Maspalomas 2014 (Gran Canaria, Spain).
– RECON Full Fetish @Maspalomas Fetish Week (Gran Canaria, Spain).
– Residency: Connection and Strong Center (Madrid, Spain).
– RECON Full Fetish @Fire New Year Weekend (London, UK).
– Shoushou’s Party (Belgium).
– Superloka Festival (Toulouse, France).
– Gay Pride Maspalomas 2015 (Gran Canaria, Spain).
– Madrid Gay Parade (Madrid, Spain).
– RECON Full Fetish @Fetish Week London (London, UK)
– WE Party Banana (Lisbon, Portugal).
– Hot Season Festival (Lisbon, Portugal).
– Criminal Candy @Napoli Gay Pride (Napoli, Italy).
– Jewel (Seville, Spain).
– LOL Tour @New Year’s Eve (Ibiza, Spain).
– Strong (Madrid, Spain).
– ManInfest Mexico @Winter Pridesh (Madrid, Spain).
– Gay Pride Maspalomas 2016 (Gran Canaria, Spain).
– Fetish (Valencia, Spain).
– Centuryon (Málaga, Spain).
– Posh Club (Beirut, Lebanon)
– Spazio Matinal Club (Madrid, Spain).
– Freedom Gay Festival (Gran Canaria, Spain).
– Cruise @Fetish Week Maspalomas (Gran Canaria, Spain).
– DIES3L @Men2Men (Rome, Italy).
– I Wanna F*** @Lucifer (Malaga, Spain).
– Red&Blue NYE (Antwerp, Belgium).
– Be Yourself (Madrid, Spain).
– Spazio Matinal Club (Madrid, Spain).
– DIES3L Festival Official Preparty @Metropol (Murcia, Spain).
– Papa Club (Guangzhou, China).
– Hot Easter @Bordello (Lausanne, Switzerland).
– Scream (Paris, France).
– Gay Pride Maspalomas 2017 (Gran Canaria, Spain).




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