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Andrea Faustini (Italia)

Andrea Faustini was born 17/06/94 in Rome, Italy. From childhood Andrea has shown a passionate interest in music. From an early age he listened to artists such as: Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Donny Hathaway, Lianne La Havas, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Beyoncé, and of course The Spice Girls!

In 2014, while studying Chinese at La Sapienza University in Rome, Andrea embarked on the life changing opportunity to audition for the UK X Factor. Three trips to London and five auditions later, Andrea became a contestant on the  X Factor Live Shows, singing live every week while being mentored by Mel B of The Spice Girls. Breezing through the live shows Andrea delivered unforgettable live performances week after week, becoming a finalist and placing third in the final, performing at Wembley Arena.

Andrea then went on to tour the country with the X Factor Live Arena Tour.

In January 2015 Andrea signed to international recording label RCA Records. His debut single ‘Give A Little Love’ was released in July 2015. His Album ‘Kelly’ was released shortly afterwards reaching number 14 in the UK Chart.

On the Album ‘Kelly’ Andrea had the honour of working with renowned songwriters such as Diane Warren, Becky Hill, Vince Kidd, Camille Purcell and Italian singer/songwriters Elisa Toffoli and Giuliano Sangiorgi.

Throughout Andrea’s X Factor and album experience he has had the opportunity to perform with some of the world’s most incredible artists, including Take That, Ella Henderson and Italian singer Elisa. Andrea has also performed for Vanity Fair’s L’Ultima Cena, after appearing in an Editorial shoot for the magazine.




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Ben Bakson (Alemania)

Ben was born and grew up in south Germany. His half German and half Slovenian roots are both clearly visible in his character being perfectionist, extremely well organized but on the other hand enjoying Life to the fullest.

His Motto “You only live once” is not only a phrase for him, it is the Leitmotiv of his life.

He has been asked once to describe himself in 5 sentences, which for those who know him personally, absolutely nails the point:

True FRIENDS are the foundation I am standing on;

TRAVELLING is the air I am breathing;

Hard TRAINING is my source of power;

MUSIC is my key to think in new dimensions

LOVE is my weakness, that makes me feel alive.

– BEN-

After finishing his economic studies in Berlin, he worked for several international companies in Marketing & Sales all over Germany, until he finally fell in Love with Zurich in Switzerland, where he lives since 2013.

Music has always been a big part of his journey from the very beginning. When he started clubbing in his early twenties, he evolved his music taste more and more, so that in 2016 he decided to start creating music, instead of only listening to it and became a professional DJ.

The ancient greek god Dionysos is the god of wine, celebration and ecstasy; his name was also “Bakkus”.

“DJ Ben Bakson” has been born.

His music style is rather commercial, with hard and energetic beats.

Vocals are very important for him, as he believes that they are the soul of each song and only they can create strong emotions.

Creating and transmitting this great energy on the dancefloor and lead the crowd to ecstasy is his mission.

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Vanesa Leklein (España)


«LEKEIN se ha convertido en una de las figuras más imprescindibles de la escena musical LGTBI actual, con una dilatada carrera llena de éxitos.

Vocalista oficial de grandes grupos promotores y residente en afamadas fiestas, no deja indiferente a nadie, ofreciendo siempre sets cargados de energía y una fuerza arrolladora en su puesta en escena que deja al público sin aliento.

LEKLEIN ha puesto voz a grandes hits, tracks originales y remixes junto a djs y productores de renombre internacional.

Sus logros y triunfos le han hecho recorrer todos los continentes, con una carrera meteórica e intachable, a la que en 2017 se añade su éxito eurovisivo “Ouch!”, tema con el que fue la ganadora oficial por el público de RTVE para representarnos en Eurovisión.

Sus impactantes, vibrantes y arrolladores directos hacen de LEKLEIN una artista única y diferente.»

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Osvaldo Supino (Italia)

Unconventional, unstoppable, disarming.

Osvaldo Supino is one of the most talked about Italian artists, and just one of the fews Italians more recognized outside his Country. In the last 3 years this multitalented popstar performed all around the world, conquered the attention of the most important media outlets and gained thousands and thousands of fans in the globe. From NBC to Vanity Fair, from Univision to GQ, Osvaldo Supino is making headlines for his international fresh sound worked with big names of the music business like Tempo Stokes (producer of Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado), Charlie Mason (Miley Cyrus, Conchita), and Ferras (Katy Perry, Adam Lambert). 

With 3 albums, 1 Ep and 8 singles collected in the top10 chart of iTunes, Osvaldo holds the record as first italian artist ever nominated 3 times at BT Digital Music Awards in UK – outranking Kylie Minogue with more than 42.000 votes from wordwide. A POP bombshell who is in his young but impressive career, has won several music awards in Italy and internationally: 1 Laiffa Los Angeles Awards, 2 Pivi Awards, 2 Nickeclip My Generation Awards, 1 WWW Sole24 Ore Award, 1 Unicef Award, and in the 2013 he became the first italian male artist included in the PopTronik Compilation with the best of pop electro music worldwide.

He’s also one of the most involved Italian celebrities in human rights and LGBT initiatives. In 2012 has been the first italian artist in history to perform at World Pride in London, in 2014 has been choosed by Antibully Organization as testimonial for the campaign against bullying in USA and in the 2016 has been  the first italian male to perform in Miami for Miami Beach Pride (on the same stage Jordin Sparks and Iggy Azalea) in front of more than 150.000 people.  The last album «Resolution» has been released in English and for the first time in Spanish and includes collaborations with Trey Vittoe (producer for Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato), Tempo Stokes (Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez) and the Nashville symphony orchestra. «This album is my answer to the tragedy of Pulse in Orlando. We all need to find a resolution in this time» he says just two months ago to «Primer Impacto» on UNIVISION (the most important latin tv in the USA) where he’s been the first Italian artist interviewed only after Laura Pausini.

Confident, courageous, sometimes sexually expressive but also emotional, vulnerable and introspective, truly Italian but with International views. That’s what Osvaldo is musically, lyrically and personally today, a complex but authentic mix. «My music has been always the reflection of my experiences. I’m not afraid to be totally myself and take risks. It’s the most beautiful thing of the music: being yourself, finding your own truth and share it with millions of people».  

Official Facebook:

Official Instagram

Official WebSite 

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SORAYA (España)

En 2005 apareció Soraya para aportar algo distinto a la música española. Su paso por el famoso programa de televisión OT, reflejaba una naturalidad diferente e inédita, que hacía presagiar que ella se quedaría para siempre con nosotros “La vida me regaló aquella oportunidad y no lo dudé… Era lo que buscaba y simplemente salió. Unos días antes de entrar en la academia llamé al que hasta entonces era mi director (en el trabajo que tenía entonces) y pedí el finiquito, intuí que una nueva etapa se abría para mí”, dice con una cierta nostalgia. Con la misma sencillez recogió en 2005 las mieles de su primer álbum debut Corazón de Fuego, consiguiendo un disco de platino que permaneció más de 20 semanas en listas.

SORAYA, es sin duda la artista nacional más contratada en los últimos años, éxitos como Dreamer, Feeling You, Con Fuego o su nuevo disco UNIVERSE IN ME, son requeridos en las discotecas más elitistas, las fiestas más importantes por parte de Ayuntamientos, eventos privados y de grandes marcas. Su show gusta a todos los públicos y su carisma conquista todos los corazones.

A día de hoy podemos celebrar una gran carrera, “En todo este tiempo he ido definiendo más mi estilo. La verdad que las pistas de baile me han abierto muchas posibilidades y me siento cada vez más segura encima del escenario”.

“Aunque sé que me queda mucho por dar y al público más aún por descubrir”, dice Soraya. “He recorrido las mejores discotecas del mundo y he compartido escenario con gente como David Gueta, Juan Magán, Brian Cross, entre otros. Aunque también noto que ha llegado el momento de subir un peldaño más en mi carrera”. Ya ha cumplido 10 años de carrera, y en este tiempo ha publicado varios trabajos, además de numerosos singles de gran éxito: 2006 Ochentas, 2007 Dolce Vita, 2008 Sin Miedo, 2010 Dreamer, 2011 Dreamer Reloaded, 2012 Con Fuego, 2013 Universe in Me, You Didn’t do It en 2015, a principios de 2016 lanza su DVD AKUSTIKA para celebrar sus 10 años de carrera.

La música pop y dance en nuestro país tiene nombre propio:


En los últimos años, Soraya ha tenido unas extensas giras de conciertos, demostrando su versatilidad con sus diferentes formatos, y también ha actuado en las principales salas y discotecas de todo España, y en los mejores clubes de Ibiza.

Tras acabar su exitosa gira BOUDOIR, Soraya se metió de lleno en el rodaje de su primer largometraje, un film para niños titulado «LA BOLA DORADA», en el que Soraya interpreta el papel de madre del protagonista, coincidiendo con su embarazo. En Enero de 2017 participó como jurado en el programa «TU SI QUE SI».

También realizó una colaboración para la serie de TV, ELLA ES TU PADRE, una divertida comedia que pronto podrá verse en pantalla.

Y participó en la promo especial eurovisión de NETFLIX para LAS CHICAS DEL CABLE.

Ahora se encuentra de gira por toda España con su show SORAYA.

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Black Feeling (España)

Black Feeling nace en 2015 y da nombre al conjunto de cinco voces amantes de la música americana, que unidas, interpretan todo un rico repertorio de canciones en inglés y español para satisfacer todos los gustos.
Desde el soul y el R&B, pasando por las baladas, el pop y el dance, Carlos, Dalya, Débora, Jasi y Jeho comparten su capacidad para animar y emocionar a todos los públicos en todo tipo de eventos.